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Regular club evenings/mornings

In the summer season (April - September), we paddle on the river Rhine or the Linge river every Wednesday evening, starting at 18:45 h. Because in the winter season (October - March) it's dark early, we paddle every Sunday morning. During these trips, there is always a supervisor, looking after newcomers, guests and unexperienced kayakers.


Besides the regular club evenings/mornings, authorised kayak instructors organise various courses, like a beginners course, a course for "kayak skills A" and special trainings, like techniques for sea kayaking.


The most important activity of the club committee is organizing kayak/canoe trips in the Netherlands and sometimes abroad. Our tour commissionair creates a varied program of tours on small streams, the Dutch lakes, canals and rivers. We also have a sea water introduction weekend every year, usually on one of the arms of the sea in the Zeeland province and a white water weekend ( usually in the Ardennes in Belgium ). An overview of tours in the near future can be found in our club magazine "de Steendruk" but can also be found in the agenda.

Swimming pool

To practice techniques like rolls or the high brace, or just to enjoy paddling in warm water in the winter, we take our canoes and kayaks to the swimming pool several times in the period of January through March.

Club magazine

No club without a club magazine. Our club magazine is called "Steendruk" and appears 5 times a year. Members and supporters naturally receive this magazine for free, together with the kanosport magazine, which is published by the dutch Watersport Association "Watersportverbond" (WSV).